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History of Nişantaşı

Outskirts of Istanbul's Nisantasi district starts from the ridge behind Dolmabahce Palace, up towards Macka, covering the area around Tesvikiye, Rumeli and Valikonagi avenues.

Around the 1780s, Nisantasi was covered with wide orchards, strawberry fields and countryside cafes. Around the 1790s, target practices of the Ottoman Empire were performed in Nisantasi. The obelisks around Nisantasi have become the symbols of this district and given Nisantasi its name, which means "Target Stone". The most famous Nisantasi obelisk stands at the intersection of Tesvikiye and Valikonagi avenues and has an inscription that states "Work of art that Sultan Mecid (Adbulmecid) established without any expectations of compensation".

There are various hearsays about the obelisks in Nisantasi, the first of which was erected by "Sultan Selim the Third" around 1790-91. According to one, the obeliks in Nisantasi were erected where the furthest arrow struck during the archery competitions of the Ottoman army. Another hearsay states that the sultans erected these monumental stones to mark the spots of their good shots in Nisantasi.

The small wooden mosque built for Sultan Abdulmecid was the first building in Nisantasi and it became the basis of today's Tesvikiye Mosque. Sultan Abdulmecid used to pray and rest at this building during archery competitions in Nisantasi. The existence of this mosque supplied the religious needs and increased the number of daily visitors to Nisantasi. After Sultan Abdülmecid moved from Topkapı Palace to Dolmabahce Palace, members of the dynasty and important govenment officials moved to the area, Nisantasi became a center of interest and became even more important. Sultan Abdulmecid moved social activities to Nisantasi in 1857 and called for a zoning plan of Nisantasi.

The proximity of Pera, a popular trade area, has positively influenced Nisantasi and caused a speedy development of the area. During the early years of the Turkish republic, Nisantasi has become one of the city's most distinguished districts with its mansions.

There are 5 obelisks that can be seen in Nisantasi today:

1. At the courtyard of Tesvikiye Mosque, 1790-91, III. Selim
2. At the garden of an apartment building on the Nisantasi-Ihlamur road, II. Mahmut
3. In front of the Harbiye Police Station on Tesvikiye Avenue, 1853-54, Abdulmecid
4. At the intersection of Tesvikiye Avenue and Valikonagi Avenue, 1853-54, Abdulmecid
5. Next to the garden gate of Tesvikiye Mosque

Nisantasi Today

For 150 years, Nisantasi has been one of Istanbul's most prestigious districts, where the palace residents and first well-educated citizens of the republic settled. Today, Nisantasi is still one of Istanbul's most important districts with its rich history and socio-cultural mosaic.

The best, most expensive and most famous of everything can be found in Nisantasi, which is one of the most important districts of all times and it is considered as the vertex of moving up to a higher class. Year round, shoppers flood the boutiques of world-famous brands in Nisantasi, whish is a fashion center with store rents that are among the most expensive in the world. Nisantasi's avenues and streets are full of fine cafes and restaurants where attractive ladies and dressy gentlemen can take a break from shopping. Nisantasi is full of many fine places that a whole day can be spent without getting bored. Around noon, Nisantasi becomes even more colorful with the addition of people working in the area.

The name Nisantasi brings many fine things to mind; like streets filled with perfumes of classy women, famous people that frequent popular places, paparazzi chasing these famous people and a heavy traffic of luxury vehicles.

Cultural places like Cemil Topuzlu Harbiye Open Air Theater, Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Center/ICEC, Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall are right by Nisantasi. Despite its modern lifestyle, Nisantasi reminds us of its rich history at any time with its old works of art. With its location close to central areas and active life, Nisantasi will be Istanbul's popular district for years to come. Gallery Residence & Hotel brings you the Nisantasi life in a building full of art on Süleyman Nazif Street.

Our beautiful building, only a few steps away from Valikonagi, Tesvikiye and Abdi Ipekci avenues has been restored, keeping the façade true to its original. Cemil Topuzlu Harbiye Open Air Theater, Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Center/ICEC (, Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall ( are full of various cultural activities year-round and they are all very close to Jazz Hotel, Nisantasi. Furthermore, the Metro station a few steps away takes our guests from Nisantasi to Taksim Square and Levent, Istanbul's other business and shopping center in just a few minutes.

Istanbul's three most popular malls Cevahir (, Metro City ( ) and Kanyon ( ) are almost as close as Nisantasi, thanks to their direct internal connections to Metro stations.

Distances to Important Places:

Istanbul Atatürk Airport: 23 km.
Dolmabahçe Palace: 1.5 km
Underground station: 150 mt
Hilton Congress and Exhibiton Center: 600 mt
Valikonağı Avenue: 50 mt
Lütfi Kırdar Istanbul Congress and Exhibition Center: 310 mt
Abdi İpekçi Avenue: 130 mt
Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall: 250 mt
Taksim Square ve İstiklal Avenue: 1.5 km
Muhsin Ertuğrul Theatre: 410 mt
American Hospital: 550 mt
Harbiye Open Air Theatre: 490 mt
İstanbul Microsurgery Hospital: 910 mt
BJK İnönü Stadion: 1.3 km
Harbiye Military Museum: 100 mt


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Offering modern accommodation comprised exclusively of suites, this stylish development is equipped with extensive facilities in the heart of one of Istanbul’s most fashionable districts.


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